Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Origami Owl Order Arrived!

My necklace came in a Chinese takeout box!
    I saw a picture of a gorgeous Origami Owl necklace on Pinterest; it was pinned from the Finding Normal blog, where the blogger explained how she had selected the locket, the charms and backplate, and showed photos of the finished product.  I was immediately hooked!

   Origami Owl's necklaces are called "Living Lockets:" you can select charms to put inside your locket, which has glass in the front and back to show them off.  You can also choose the size of your locket, whether it will be gold, rose gold, or silver; and whether or not it will be surrounded by crystals.  A hand-stamped metal backplate that can rest behind the charms is also available.  There are other customizable options, and since you can open up the locket to change or rearrange the contents at will, these really are "living" pieces of jewelry! 

My locket: what a great "fortune!"
    Although I almost never purchase special things like this for myself, I loved this idea so much, I immediately created my locket and ordered it before I could have second thoughts.  It arrived today and I'm so thrilled to see that it's all I'd hoped and more!  

    As the blogger at Finding Normal noted, the packaging is gorgeous.  The locket came in a darling little takeout container.  Inside were my charms and backplate along with a little fabric fortune cookie that contained my locket and chain.

The locket with chain and extra charms.

     I often have trouble with chains for necklaces: they seem to choke me more often than not.  So I was prepared to have to use another chain for my necklace, but was pleasantly surprised that the one that came with my locket was not only more than long enough, but beautiful and extremely adjustable for length, so I can wear it with a variety of necklines.
     I picked out six charms for my locket, but I can't use all of them at once without obscuring the backplate.  However, the metal plate is easy to remove, so when I want to, I can wear them all inside the locket. I also can switch out the charms depending on my mood.  Since I am easily tired of the same old thing, this is great news!


    Here are a few more photos of the locket.  I'm wearing it already, even though no one is here to appreciate it save me and the dogs.  I just love how it looks and feels! 

I chose a large silver locket with crystals around the edge, a gold backplate with the word "blessed," and six charms.

My six charms: butterfly (change and growth), an "amethyst" heart (husband's birthstone), an angel wing (protection and faith), a sand dollar (my love of the beach), a cross (faith), and a suitcase that says "NY" and "LA" (my two hometowns/states, and my love for travel).

Wearing my beautiful new locket!

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