Tuesday, February 14, 2012

More Fun With Pinterest...

   Per my last post about my current obsession with Pinterest and how much it's energized me, here's a quick peek at today's project: a paper heart garland in honor of Valentine's Day!  

    I was inspired by this pin to try making one of these to decorate my workplace, a writing center at the local community college.  Our room is a glaring cube of brilliant whiteness, and covering it in color has been an obsession of almost anyone who enters it.  I fought that for a couple years, but have recently become much more interested in decorating (Pinterest, again?), especially for holidays.  Crafting seems to reduce the stress level for us and for the students, too.  Near the holiday break in December, we were all making snowflakes, which we used to decorate the windows.  (Go figure, right after we took them down, we got a weekend-long snowstorm after months of unseasonably warm weather...)

   In order to do this project, I grabbed a bunch of valentine-themed scrapbooking paper and my trusty paper cutter (I have an older version of this one. It's so worth the cost...especially if you have a 40% off coupon...), then cut the 12" sheets into 1" strips. I also cut up a sheet of pink construction paper.  I shuffled the strips up, and got started.

Close-up of the heart garland...
   My coworker, S, joined me, and we made two long chains, using a glue stick and stapler as shown in the photos above. It was easy and fun!  Below you can see the finished product, hanging from our check-in desk.  It really added some festive flair to our area...and some color to balance out all those white walls.
Maybe I should have turned some of the hearts inside out so they weren't all white on the inside?

 Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. You're such a fun-loving woman! I really love the 5th image down on the photostrip..It looks like a heart flower!

  2. You are so right! It totally does! You could put a bunch of those on your window with green paper on the bottom...like a little spring garden of tulips! :D