Sunday, April 29, 2012

Free Stamps on All Personalized Cards at Hallmark: Until May 1!

Just one of the cards you can make at
Some people think that card and letter sending is a dead art. To them, I say "Pbbbbbt!"  I adore sending cards, and have a huge pile of them at the ready for any occasion.  I decorate them with tons of stickers (to make up for my horrific handwriting), use special stamps and return address letters, and seal them with a big smile. Getting fun mail (i.e. anything that isn't asking me for money) gives me such joy, and my mom taught me that you have to give to receive, so I send a LOT of mail. (I'm not a "Platinum Member" of the Hallmark Gold Crown Club for nothing, you know.) 

One of the reasons I love Hallmark is that they have such a wide selection of cards that seem to really speak to the situations that people I love deal with.  A couple years ago they came out with a line of cards to help support and encourage those dealing with cancer, and it happened right when two people I care about had been diagnosed.  It was really comforting to send them cards that spoke so perfectly to what they were dealing with and said so well what I wanted to tell them.

However, I'd never made a personalized card on until last year. I definitely was missing out: the personalized cards are the same prices as those in the store, but they are so customizable that it feels like a crime to pay the same price!  You can add photos and text to the front, both sides of the inside, and the back. You can play with fonts, add drawings, and even change the text of the card itself .  It's amazing, and really easy to do.  (No, I don't work at Hallmark. I just LOVE their products!)

Best of all, after you're done, Hallmark stamps and mails it for you (if you want), and until May 1st, they'll provide those stamps for FREE (it should be free automatically, but if not, try the code SAVE3 at checkout)!  It's the perfect time to create a Mother's Day card: for about $3, you can give Mom a card that she'll love forever (after all, it has photos of YOU on it, right?).  

Now I just have to go figure out what photos I'm putting on Mom's card this year . . .

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